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Friday, June 24, 2011

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are having a ....

I have decided that my first blog should be about our new addition.  I had to meet with an obstetrician who specializes in high risk pregnancies today at UAB.  I had no idea that we were going to get to see the baby much less find out the gender.  After doing all of the locating, measuring and watching that tiny little heart beat, it was determined we have a very well put together little boy!
I was completely floored by this news.  I just knew I was having another little girl.  I have to admit I am little sad that there won't be anymore tiny little dresses, ribbons or hair bows.  However, I am looking forward to not having to deal with all of those long frustrating minutes (that feel like hours) it takes to do hair.

We may already have a name for him picked.  Before we found out what we were having with Taylor, we discussed naming a boy Trenton Landon.  Of course, his initials have to be TLP and I am infamous for changing my mind so we'll see.
I just want to thank God that he (gosh that sounds so STRANGE) is healthy and the pregnancy is going great!